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4 out 5 cats brought to our local shelters are euthanized and not adopted. 100% of feral cats
are euthanized. Your donation will help us save
the lives of these cats and kittens.

Kitten Season is Here!

If you find baby kittens, unless they are in immediate danger, please do not touch or move them.

Their Mama is probably close by or has just gone
to find food.

Please email
so that we can help get the Mama spayed and assist with options for the kittens.

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100% of Feral Cats & Kittens brought to Shelters DIE!

We've all seen them - the cats living in business areas, empty lots behind restaurants, at airports and schools... maybe in your own neighborhood or backyard. Unless spayed and neutered, these cats will continue to breed and reproduce at an astronomical rate.

The only humane way to reduce the feral and stray cat population is to actively Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). This keeps new cats from coming into the area, greatly reduces fighting and spraying behavior, improves the overall health of the cats and DIRECTLY REDUCES THE NUMBER OF ANIMALS BEING EUTHANIZED AT THE COUNTY SHELTERS!

The cats, who are often very shy and frightened of humans, are returned to their colonies with caregivers who are trained to provide food, shelter, medication, and re-trapping for additional veterinary care if needed. These cats can live long and happy lives in their home colonies with their feline friends and human caregivers.

Please get involved in this worthwhile program. For more information on how you can help or assistance with stray cats in your area, email us at -


A 501c3 Non-Profit Charity

See Our Cats & Kittens at our 2 locations -

PETCO - 5961 Warner Ave at Springdale in Huntington Beach

PETCO - 24480 Village Walk Place in Murrieta

EMAIL Completed Adoption Applications to

All cats are -

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Micro-Chipped
  • Felv-Fiv Tested
  • Vaccinated
  • De-Wormed
  • Treated for Fleas

Special Reduced Adoption Rate
$99 for All Kitties 1 year and older

Vouchers & Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Vets

We know that some of our cats, for whatever reasons — old age, personality, or medical problems — will never be adopted. We cherish these kitties and always want to be able to provide the best for them. We promised them that they would never again have to worry about having enough food to eat, a warm bed in which to snuggle, or a caring human to give them lots of love and to take care of their health.

That's why we have the SPONSOR-A-CAT program. You can become a sponsor for just $10 a month. Your donation will help pay to relocate a cat to a sanctuary where they will live cage-free in a safe, protected environment and receive love and attention, along with needed medical care.

To sponsor a cat, please choose one of them from here - SPONSOR CATS

The best way to introduce new cats by Jackson Galaxy

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Second Chance provides food for Homeless and Stray cats throughout Orange County.

We are in need of canned and dry cat food donations.

Donated Cat Food can be
brought to

Petco - 5961 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach

Please mark donations for
Second Chance

Thank you!

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