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Second Chance Pet Adoptions

a 501c3 Non-Profit Charity

See our Cats & Kittens at our 2 locations -
Huntington Beach - Petco - 5961 Warner Ave at Springdale  714-487-1518
Murrieta - Petco - 24480 Village Walk Place   714-655-3298

All Cats and Kittens are -
Spayed/Neutered - Vaccinated - Micro-Chipped - Felv-Fiv Tested - DeWormed - Treated for Fleas

Special Reduced Adoption Rate - $99 for all kitties 1 year and older
Kittens under 1 year - $135

email completed Adoption Applications to -

~~ Spay & Neuter Assistance ~~
Vouchers & Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Vets

Please Help


Second Chance got a call regarding a cat that was bleeding from its eyes and mouth and not moving. The lady who called said she heard it howling during the night, but unfortunately, didn’t try to help it. When our volunteer got there the next morning, the cat was just as described. It’s eyes were filled with blood and blood was drooling from its mouth. The cat was meowing for help and couldn’t move. Our volunteer immediately took the cat to our vet for emergency care. At first sight, the vet thought she would need to be euthanized because of the head trauma. After examining the cat, the vet was hopeful he could save her and started supportive care and pain medicine. The vet concluded that someone had purposely hurt this cat by smashing her face with a golf club or something similar. The abuse this sweet cat endured is unthinkable. How can such an evil person be walking the streets of Huntington Beach?? Please don’t let this evilness prevail and help this cat get the treatment she needs by donating to Second Chance on her behalf. Thank you.


Thank you to and everyone who donated to Patchy.  Through their campaign we were able to raise the entire amount needed for Patchy's surgery!
Patchy was severly injured when hit by a car and needs surgery to be able to walk again.  To read more about Patchy and his surgery click here.  Thank you.




If you find baby kittens, unless they are in immediate danger, please do not touch or move them.

Their Mama is probably close by or has just gone to find food.

Please email
so that we can help get the Mama spayed and assist with options for the kittens.

For More Info click - KITTEN SEASON


Help Us Feed the Strays

Second Chance provides food for homeless and stray cats throughout Orange County.

We are alway in need of canned & dry cat food.

Donated Cat Food can be brought to
Petco - 5961 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach

Please mark donations for Second Chance
Thank you!



We know that some of our cats, for whatever reasons — old age, personality, or medical problems — will never be adopted. We cherish these kitties and always want to be able to provide the best for them.
That's why we have the SPONSOR-A-CAT program. You can become a sponsor for just $10 a month. Your donation will help pay to relocate a cat to a sanctuary where they will live cage-free in a safe, protected environment and receive love and attention, along with needed medical care.

To sponsor a cat, please choose one of them from here - SPONSOR CATS



100% of Feral Cats & Kittens brought to most Shelters DIE!

We've all seen them - the cats living in business areas, empty lots behind restaurants, at airports and schools, maybe in your own neighborhood or backyard. Unless spayed or neutered, these cats will continue to breed and reproduce at an astronomical rate.

The only humane way to reduce the feral and stray cat population is to actively Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). This keeps new cats from coming into the area, greatly reduces fighting and spraying behavior, improves the overall health of the cats and DIRECTLY REDUCES THE NUMBER OF ANIMALS BEING EUTHANIZED AT THE COUNTY SHELTERS!

The OC Animal Care Shelter now practices Spay-Neuter-Return (SNR). Animal Control Officers will not trap feral cats; however residents within their jurisdiction can bring feral cats to them to be put into the SNR program. The cats will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and ear-tipped and a non-profit organization partner will then release the cats back into the environment/neighborhood that they were originally brought in from. This is a free service. There is no cost to bring a trapped cat in for SNR.

If you're feeding a stray cat, take it to be spayed or neutered as soon as possible to prevent kittens.
You'll be happy you did!

Please get involved in this worthwhile program. For more information on how you can help or assistance with stray cats in your area, email us at -



Recent Adoptions


Freya & Thea




Snow White & Starlet Moon






James & Sally


Mailing Address

PO Box 11410                     
Westminster, CA 92683


Huntington Beach
Petco - 5961 Warner Ave

Petco - 24480 Village Walk Place