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4 out 5 cats brought to our local shelters are euthanized and not adopted. 100% of feral cats
are euthanized. Your donation will help us save
the lives of these cats and kittens.


  • Trapping
    1. Skip a feeding
    2. Put newspaper in the bottom of the trap
    3. Make a small trail of food leading to a larger portion in the back of the trap
    4. If ants are a problem use Sevin Ant Powder - animal safe and available at most hardware stores
    5. Types of food to use - smelly, fishy, canned food, mackerel, sardines, chicken
    6. ALWAYS cover the trap with a blanket or sheet - especially when a cat is in the trap.
      Otherwise they'll hurt themselves by trying to get out of the trap.
    7. NEVER leave a trap unattended in an unsafe or public area if it can be seen or taken.
    8. NEVER attempt to open a trap with a cat in it. You don't want to risk the cat escaping.
      If you trap more than one cat in the same trap, leave them both in the trap and take to veterinarian.
      Bring an extra trap or carrier so they can be separated after their spay/neuter.
    9. Cats come out at night - just because you don't see them doesn't mean they're not there

  • At The Veterinarian
    • Minimum Service Needed
      1. Spay/Neuter
      2. Ear Tipping - Straight cut - not V
      3. Check if lactating to know whether or not to look for kittens
      4. Keep over night at Vet's if possible

    • Optional Services
      1. Rabies Vaccine
      2. FVRCP Vaccine
      3. Revolution or Flea Treatment
      4. Micro-Chip - so cat can be returned if brought to animal control shelter rather than euthanized

  • Releasing
    1. Keep an extra night - especially if female, but only if NOT lactating.
      Release lactating female cats on the same day. Their kittens need them for food and protection.
    2. Release at night
    3. Put food out before letting cat out of the trap
    4. Face trap away from streets or dangerous area. Cats run quickly without looking.

  • Tips
    1. If you have to keep the cat in the trap for a couple days, give them wet food and keep it covered.
    2. Put a plastic trash bag on the ground with newspaper over it to absorb urine.


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