The Alpha Female Cat

Among spayed and neutered cats there are some females that are dominant by nature – these are the Alpha Female Cats. In a multiple cat household, there is often a female at the top of the cat hierarchy. This cat has a lot of responsibility – it is her job to keep all of the other cats in line. She can’t seem to find much time to play because of this responsibility. She can’t change this; it is just her personality.

An alpha female must keep her place at the top of the hierarchy at all times. Sometimes it is necessary for her to howl, yell and hiss at one of the other resident cats for no apparent reason, just to let them know who’s boss. Often the other cats will need to be whacked on the head a few times to remind them who is in charge of the cat family. It is very important that the alpha female cat should get the first plate for food at eating time: as top cat she is entitled to eat first. Alpha female cats are happiest as the only cat in a household, or where other resident cats have mellow personalities. The majority are best suited to live with mellow male cats. Alpha females are also more likely to get over-stimulated when petted.

It is best to just let the alpha female cat just be herself – after all, she is in charge of everything and that is a big responsibility!